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The New Jersey State Funeral Directors Association is a nationally recognized state level professional trade organization providing funeral related education, information, preneed vehicles and other services to the public and to its membership. All of our licensed directors belong to the NJSFDA.

The National Funeral Directors Association is also a professional trade association with which we are associated. It is the main national voice of funeral service throughout the United States.


Batesville Casket Company is one of leading manufacturers of caskets, urns and alternative containers. Their site is an excellent place to learn about these funeral merchandise items. is part of their website dedicated to explaining the value of having a meaningful funeral.

The Doric Vault Company is one of the leading manufacturers of burial vaults. Their site is an excellent place to learn about this type of funeral merchandise


For information on New Jersey health issues or certified copies of NJ Death Certificates you can visit The New Jersey Department of Health and Senior Services at their website.